Monday, January 22, 2018

Word Dolphin 1.2 was released

What new:
• normal and slower speed of word pronunciation.
• tablet layout was improved.
• user experience was improved.
• performance improvement and bug fixing.


Saturday, June 3, 2017

Word Dolphin 1.0.3

Word Dolphin 1.0.3 was released. See details.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Word Dolphin first release

I'm glad to tell you about Word Dolphin. It's my new Android application designed for memorizing words. Some time ago I wanted to improve my English vocabulary. I wrote unknown words to a notebook and learned them. It worked fine but in the learning process, I found next  inconveniences:
  • learned words will forget fast; so you must create review calendar;
  • different words remember differently and you must extra pay attention to them
  • transcription gives an idea about pronunciation. For good learning, you need to listen to a native speaker
  • personal paper vocabulary is not good for learning and writing extra information such as comments or samples of usages. Especially it is hard to write between written rows. Of course, you can write necessary things but the extra text in front of the eyes will complicate learning
  • because of you learn the words written by hand you will have problems to recognize printed words
  • too hard to find necessary word among many pages of words
  • adding the words into a notebook makes to learn added words. It is not convenient when you need to learn some words
  • often notebook with words is absent when you need to add a new word. Also, this approach has words duplicate problem
  • you can forget or loose a paper notebook
  • to edit the words written by hand will clog vocabulary because it interferes with learning
  • eventually, notebook just tears
 I started to search the application which fixes all these problems but did not find exact because some applications were too complicated especially for children. Another was too slow on my phone or was developed only for one language. Finally, I started to create a Word Dolphin which would be free of these problems. I made an effort for application to work fast and easy to use. I hope it has happened and you like it.
You can get it on Google Play and read Word Dolphin blog.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

JasperReport scriptlet example.

JasperReport can manipulate some views in depend from calculated data through report expression mechanism. But report expression has restriction - it must one-string code. So, you can't perform more complex functionality e.g. string manipulation. For such cases JasperReports provides scriptlets. Scriptlets - it java code which executed every time when report request.

 Below I explain how obtain such result:
Picture 1: Obtain data through scriplet.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

JasperReport and Maven for creating distributive

In previous articles we created some projects with reports which generated with JasperReport. It's time to create distributive and give it to end user. Here I told about running JasperReport reports from java code and used maven to compile and  run it. Here I will use maven for perform next tasks:
  • Clear unnecessary generated  *.jasper files.
  • Create result folder with result jar file, report templates and all necessary dependencies, but exclude extra dependencies such as junit.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Row counting with JasperReport

JasperReport has simple way to count row in report. In this report I will tell about counting records from main and sub-report. I take for base report from "Using JavaBean datasource for report and subreport in iReport" article and add necessary changes for obtain next result:
Picture 1: Line numbering result.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Correct way to wrap text in iReport

Default behaviour of JasperReport with long string is cut by accord to element length. You can change this behaviour by set "Stretch With Overflow" to True.
Picture 1: Set property for wrap long string.

This solution will bring to ugly result: wrapped element will excel among all neighboring elements:

Picture 2: Not suitable wrap.
If such behaviour is not suitable you can fix it in simple way.