Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Minus one crutch

I migrated one of my projects used Firebird1.5 to version 2.5. Main problem of this migration was broken backward compability of Firebird SQL-dialect. Because in this project is more than 500 SQL-queries I wrote text analyser for:

  1. get sql from java, python, pascal and self-written DSL.
  2. analyzed sql queries and show recommendation for new version.
So, I migrated FB2.5 month ago and now have some infers:
  • now I haven't problems related with FB1.5 will not work on modern platforms.
  • now don't need external extension (UDF in FB terminology). FB2.5 has own good tools.
  • in FB2.5 have increased performance.
But I have revealed two bad surprises. First surprise: because I can't test queries results I was caught sorting  problems with null values. So, new syntax is more strict. The second problem - on Linux one query works very slow. At the same time on WinXP on VirtualBox this query works in 5 times faster. May be it is only Ubuntu problem, need test on other distros.

Useful link: From Firebird 1.5 to 2.5